The Saturday night live comedy series depicted her as a whole joke and a person who could never be seriously taken as a vice president. And so the Democrats became elected and Barack Obama the president. Better known in Alaska as the Governor of this nation she bought many reforms during her time of power. Her notorious mistake came after she was interviewed with a CBS station anchor host. lee mas

The interview made Palin seem like a complete inexperienced, unfit and dumb individual to take any leadership role. Find out the actual Sarah Palin story in her own words argentina visa us citizen. What actually happened during the presidential elections? Why was her meeting with the CBS host Catie Courric a disaster? Was she set up? Nearing the presidential elections, she decided to separate herself more from the McCain camp. But why? Many rumours began surfacing that Palin needed her own agendas . Folks from the Republican party starting using words such as “diva” and “rogue” to describe her. When John McCain chose to not include Sarah Palin on strategic decision making, it was clear they were led in various directions.